The Art of Smiling


The smile is a universal greeting that spans languages and lets people know we like what we see and are not threatened. When first meeting someone, being able to convey a smile can help you get the positive attention you need that will hopefully lead to a conversation.

Let’s say you see someone that looks interesting or might share some of your interests. You haven’t made eye contact yet, but you want to go talk to them. Now, you could start smiling constantly and stare at them. But when that person finally looks your way, it will look like you are staring at them and they won’t know you were smiling at them!

The trick and art to smiling is to frequently glance in the person’s direction, and once eye contact is made, in that split second when you are both looking at each other, crack a quick smile. The person will then know you are smiling at them, which means they know you are interested in them, which will improve your chances at a conversation if you try to talk to them.

Good luck, and smile away!

[Photo by Flickr user srboisvert]

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