About Falling In Love


If you fall in love too soon, you can fall out of love just as easy. To me, to fall in love means to be head-over-heels in love with someone. But if you look at it, falling in love can be completely one-sided. My entire time in high school was spent falling in love with one girl after the other. After I fell in love with one, I would try to get up enough courage to ask her out, but I usually just wrote her a letter professing my love. Eventually in college I found someone who was willing to fall in love with me, and we were “in love”.


The issue with falling in love is that the falling part requires a huge leap of faith, that the other person is worthy of our love. Before completely giving our hearts away to a relative stranger, take some time to date them and get to know them. Weed out the weasels or party girls “just looking for fun” and the losers with out their act together. “What do you mean you don’t have a checking account? You’re 24 years old!”


Once you’ve determined the intentions of the other person and you know your lives are moving in the same direction, then an en emotional commitment has a better chance of working. You can still fall in love with each other, but at least you know (for the most part) who you are falling in love with.

Photo by Flickr user pwbaker

One thought on “About Falling In Love

  1. LOVE IS A SMALL WORD THAT Carries a HEAVY PUNCH that varies from experience … I pray for those we do hurt in the process to forgive our inexperienced to LOVE for granted … but learn freedom …

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