A Post-Romantic Age?

Over on the Huffington Post, Pamela Haag gives an arousing argument that we are now in the post-romantic age. Here’s a tidbit.

Among other characteristics, the “post-romantic” age means that we marry people more like us than ever before. The opposites attract, “you say tomato, I say tomahto,” staple of the romantic plot is over. With the strong trend toward “assortative mating,” as researchers call it, like marries like today. Post-romantic spouses are more equal in the office and classroom, and more alike in attitudes, experiences, roles and goals.

Give the article a full read, as there are some challenging statements in there. If we truly are in a post-romantic age, than us Hopeful Romantics better be aware of it and adapt accordingly!


[Huffington Post]
[image via Flickr]

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