I’m Back! With a Vengeance

The cover for my working Hopeful Romantic binder.

The cover for my working Hopeful Romantic binder.

After several brainstorming sessions the past few days, I’ve realized I want to give this book the best chance to succeed. Rather than rush things through for a July 4th, 2013, publication date, I have pushed back publication to early 2014. I plan on finishing the book way before then, but the marketing of the book will be in December to lead up to a media blitz right before Valentine’s Day.

I’m hoping to start a week-long book / art / music tour starting in Kansas City for First Friday on 2/7/14. There are a few music artists I have in mind, and will be reaching out to them shortly. I had also previously broached the idea of asking my favorite local bands to contribute songs to a compilation CD to be released with the book. We’ll see if that can come to pass as well.

In the meantime, I’m in a mad rush to complete the rough draft. When you’ve got a 40+ page typed outline, the chapters almost write themselves! But I’ve still got to put the time in to get the last six chapters onto paper and to my editors.

And then there’s the companion book / mobile app that I have in mind. I’ve got to write the content and develop that once the main book gets finished. All in all, I may have pushed the desired publication date back several months, but I still feel like that may not be enough time.

Oh, and I plan on blogging here more frequently. Please send me interesting articles on love and relationships, as I love to include relevant items either on here or Twitter.

Thanks for all of your support, and continue sharing this site with your friends!
Matt Peterworth

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