Matt and Melissa Peterworth

I am currently working on a nonfiction book titled The Hopeful Romantic with my wife Melissa. This book will chronicle the necessary stages for finding and developing a happy, meaningful relationship.

Each chapter will offer practical advice based on our research and experience, as well as explain the pitfalls that a hopeless romantic may make in those situations. As evident from the title, the quest for love should ultimately be a hopeful one, and we will maintain our focus on that.

My professional writing experience includes writing for the Kansas State Collegian newspaper while in college. I wrote an advice column called Ask The Fifth Year, as well as general news and entertainment articles.

For the past ten years I’ve been chronicling my quest for love with Petie’s Love Newsletter, which I send out to family and friends. I haven’t been updating this recently as I’ve been working on this book instead, but I’ve averaged two newsletters a year over this time period.

About five years ago I wrote and self-published a book, To Fall In Love Is Foolish. Only about 100 copies were printed. This was my first serious attempt to put all of my research and experience together. I was a long way along, but there were a few things I didn’t have quite right. Since then, I’ve managed to figure those things out and utilize everything I know and have done to find, date, and marry the person I know will make me the happiest, my wonderful wife Melissa.

When I first met Melissa, I was amazed by her common sense and the expectations she had when it comes to relationships. She only had one serious relationship before me but we were definitely on the same experience and maturity level. I will bring in her opinions throughout the book and she’ll be able to offer insights where my male perspective would not be able to.

I am currently without a publisher. If you are an indie publisher and are interested in publishing The Hopeful Romantic, please contact me at thehopefulromantic.net@gmail.com.

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