I’m Back! With a Vengeance

The cover for my working Hopeful Romantic binder.

The cover for my working Hopeful Romantic binder.

After several brainstorming sessions the past few days, I’ve realized I want to give this book the best chance to succeed. Rather than rush things through for a July 4th, 2013, publication date, I have pushed back publication to early 2014. I plan on finishing the book way before then, but the marketing of the book will be in December to lead up to a media blitz right before Valentine’s Day.

I’m hoping to start a week-long book / art / music tour starting in Kansas City for First Friday on 2/7/14. There are a few music artists I have in mind, and will be reaching out to them shortly. I had also previously broached the idea of asking my favorite local bands to contribute songs to a compilation CD to be released with the book. We’ll see if that can come to pass as well.

In the meantime, I’m in a mad rush to complete the rough draft. When you’ve got a 40+ page typed outline, the chapters almost write themselves! But I’ve still got to put the time in to get the last six chapters onto paper and to my editors.

And then there’s the companion book / mobile app that I have in mind. I’ve got to write the content and develop that once the main book gets finished. All in all, I may have pushed the desired publication date back several months, but I still feel like that may not be enough time.

Oh, and I plan on blogging here more frequently. Please send me interesting articles on love and relationships, as I love to include relevant items either on here or Twitter.

Thanks for all of your support, and continue sharing this site with your friends!
Matt Peterworth

Maps in a Self-Help Book about Love and Relationships?


If I ruled the world, or at least a publishing company, all books would contain as much supplementary information as possible. Nonfiction, fiction—doesn’t matter. Every work would have an appendix filled with diagrams, background information, digressions and anecdata. And of course, maps.

Victory Johnson as quoted in boingboing.net

I had planned on having an appendix, but definitely had not planned on including any maps. Certainly something to think about.

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Book Review – To Fall In Love Is Foolish


Written in 2004, To Fall In Love Is Foolish was my first self-published book on love and relationships. It encapsulated my thoughts, experiences, and opinions at the time. It was rather personal in nature, so I retired it long ago, but I review it now to give some background on my current project.

In the first chapter, which the book draws its name, To Fall In Love Is Foolish, I described my understanding of falling in love – a completely one-sided affair that is done before the person falling in love knows anything substantial about the other person. I used to do this all of the time in grade school and high school – before even asking the girl out. Once I did ask the girl out, it wouldn’t work out for one reason or another – and I would be heartbroken.

The second chapter, To Be In Love Is Cute, deals with what can happen when two people fall in love before they hardly know anything about each other. The premise being, that if two people fall in love with each other, then they can just as easily fall out of love with each other. (This would be fairly common in high school relationships.)

The third and final chapter, To Grow In Love Is Gorgeous, was then my “solution” to this problem of falling in and out of love. Instead of falling in love right at the beginning of a relationship as many of us are prone to do, a better course of action is to slowly grow in love.

When I tried to apply this from the start of my next serious relationship, I discovered something – yes, growing in love is the right way to start a relationship, but once you know you’ve found somebody great (based on time together), you can’t be afraid to fall in love with them.

Learning that lesson, I’ve incorporated that concept into Chapter 6 of The Hopeful Romantic – Grow In Love, Then Fall In Love – something I was successfully able to do in my relationship with Melissa.

Petie’s Love Newsletter – A Short History

Petie’s Love Newsletter was born in the summer of 2000, before my senior year in college. By that point, because of the Paavo Running Camps and Missouri Scholars Academy, I had developed friends throughout Missouri and the Midwest – and they all knew I was infatuated with love.

Having collected quotes, poems, and little tidbits on the subject since 8th grade, I decided to share those insights (along with some personal updates) in a newsletter I printed off and sent to my friends. Remember, this was back in the day before every teenager started using e-mail.

I managed to save the first two issues and present them here for all to see. (There was one section of the first issue that was a little too embarrassing, though.)




Why This Book Is Needed


The Hopeful Romantic is needed because there are too many hopeless romantics out there. They know that someone is out there for them, but they don’t know how to find, attract, date, love, or propose to them. This book will offer practical steps on love and relationships based on my years of research and experience. By shifting the focus to a hopeful one, the reader will be able to transform their attitudes and actions that will greatly increase their chances of finding love.

This book is unique in that it offers a complete overview of the process and steps necessary to find a lasting and worthwhile romantic relationship. Other books on the subject either focus on one or two areas, or they will explore ways to increase love in all aspects of your life, not just romantically. The Hopeful Romantic has a direct and complete approach.  

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I've discovered two important things this early Valentine's Day morning.
1. A search on Google for The Hopeful Romantic brings up my website first.
2. That Urban Dictionary has a pretty concise (and surprisingly SFW) definition of Hopeful Romantic.

Also, I've just sent in a request to Kickstarter to get a funding project started. I'm hoping to do some pretty exciting things on the self-publishing front (like a limited edition with hand-printed cover and hand-bound stitching, a companion book in the style of a choose-your-own adventure game about dating, etc). Keep your fingers crossed!