The Urbane Gentleman


My friend from high school Godfried Addae is owner and image consultant at The Urbane Gentleman in St. Louis. Last week he was featured in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch fashion section. He has some pretty good things to say on the importance of looking good in order to attract the right kind of attention.

“You have to have the personality to back up your appearance … people notice (when you’re not comfortable) and they react to that. They know that maybe your shoes hurt or your pants are too tight or something. They know when it’s not comfortable.”

Check out more at the Post-Dispatch article and The Urbane Gentleman blog.

Too Nice equals Too Boring


When the first word that someone uses to describe you or a friend is “nice”, it may be true, but it likely also means that this person finds you or your friend boring. If you are truly your own person, with your own unique opinions and interests, than someone will find you interesting. But if you lack passion for anything at all, you won’t be able to attract anyone else with passion or who is interesting.


If your favorite activities are playing Halo or hanging out with friends, get some other hobbies. Find a favorite author. Learn to play a new sport; join a new team or compete in a race or tournament. Find a way to help your city; volunteer for a sustainability program or get involved in a planning commission. Anything to get your butt out the door doing something that you, and more importantly someone you want to attract, finds interesting.


Learn to transform yourself and your interests, and you (or your friend) will no longer be labeled as being “too nice”. When people talk about you, they will actually have something positive to say.


Photo from Flickr user adreson