Dating Tips Backed By Science!

Here are some interesting dating tips backed by scientists!

Tip #4: Cross a scary bridge

Here’s another very simple tip for the ladies: frighten him. No, seriously. In 1974, University of British Columbia psychologists were studying human attraction using two bridges that crossed a local river. One bridge was solid, allowed firm footing, and was made of heavy cedar. It was only ten feet above the river, and had steady handrails. The other bridge was a five-foot-wide, 450-foot-long suspension bridge made of wire cables threaded through the ends of wooden boards. It would tilt, sway, and wobble as people tried to cross, 230 feet above the river.

Men who had just crossed one of the bridges were approached by an attractive female experimenter who asked them to complete several questionnaires. The men who had crossed the anxiety-inducing suspension bridge were more likely to attempt further contact with the experimenter than were the men who had crossed the stable bridge. The researchers suggest that it’s as if the men misunderstood their anxiety-induced physiological arousal – elevated heart rate, sweaty palms, and so on – interpreting it as sexual attraction and desire.

Moral of the story: scare the crap out of him and he might just make a move.


[image via xkcd]

What Questions To Ask On A First Date


OkCupid strikes again with some great insights on which not-too-serious questions to ask on a first date. These seemingly unrelated questions can give you a better than average guess on other issues too taboo to bring up on a first date, such as sex, politics, and religion.

One of the questions I found surprising was about about spelling and grammar… apparently atheists and agnostics care an awful lot about correct use of the English language.

[OkCupid via BoingBoing]

Keep Your Cell Phone Put Away


Keep your cell phone put away while you are on a date. This is just as true on the first date as it is on the hundred and first. I can’t tell you how many times I have observed couples on dates and one of them keeps pulling their cell phone out to text (or to check Facebook). The other person is interested in you; show some interest in them by keeping your cell phone in your pocket.


Also, texting seems to have become a communication crutch we live our lives by. If you are only communicating with someone via texting, that may be a problem. Never underestimate the impact of actually talking to someone on the phone.


[original photo by Flickr user laszio-photo]