Music: The Hopeful Romantic Mixtape


A few years ago for Valentine’s Day, I compiled a Hopeful Romantic Mixtape – songs from my favorite artists that correspond with each chapter. Well, with the advent of this new website and the streaming availability of Spotify, I thought it was worthwhile to repost. Here’s a link to the Spotify playlist, as well as a chapter and track listing:

Chapter 1 – Being Happy
Heartless Bastards – Be So Happy

Chapter 2 – Knowing What You Want
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Oregon Girl

Chapter 3 – First Contact
Eli “Paperboy” Reed & The True Loves – Am I Wasting My Time

Chapter 4 – First Date, First Kiss
Flight of the Concords – A Kiss Is Not A Contract

Chapter 5 – Differences
Wilco – Pick Up The Change

Chapter 6 – Growing In Love, Then Falling In Love
Ben Kweller – Falling

Chapter 7 – Dead End Relationships
Feist – Inside And Out

Chapter 8 – The Art of the Breakup
Loretta Lynn – Mrs. Leroy Brown

Chapter 9 – Recovery
Limbeck – Honk + Wave

Chapter 10 – Is This Person the One?
Patrick Wolf – The Magic Position

Chapter 11 – Appreciation + Compromise
Golden Shoulders – Patience Darling, Patience

Chapter 12 – Being Happy Together
Jens Lekman – Someone to Share My Life With

That last song was Melissa and I’s first dance at our wedding!

I’ll try to update this playlist every Valentine’s Day. So look for a new one next February!

Photo via Flickr user le vent le cri

When Do People Break Up?


The infograph says it all. This is likely skewed more towards the younger (high school and college) crowd – as evident of the higher numbers around spring break. Maybe people want to be single when they go away for the week so they break up beforehand. But more likely they “got in trouble” while apart from their significant other.

Oh, and look at the spike right before Christmas time. Other than cheating, nothing seems to motivate people more to finally break up than having to buy a present for someone they don’t really care about anymore.

[Information is Beautiful via Fast Company]

Bite the Bullet (Break Up)


Breaking up is hard to do, but you need to do it anyways. Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t wait. If you honestly feel like you can’t be happy with the other person, find the courage to do what needs to be done – breakup.


The problem is that far too many of us don’t think our personal happiness is a valid enough reason to breakup with someone. So we do one or two things – we either wait for the other person to mess up, or we mess up ourselves. Of course, the biggest “mess up” is cheating or another similar unforgivable action. Yes, some people cheat to create an excuse to get out of their relationship! Don’t fall into this trap. People’s feelings get unnecessarily hurt. And if you are the one doing the cheating it hurts your reputation moving forward.


Please, if you can’t be happy with the person you are with, find the words and courage to breakup with them.


Photo from Flickr user katiew